Unknown Ground

31 Mar 2023

As we set foot upon the unknown ground, A world uncharted, waiting to be found, The thrill of adventure, the wonder of discovery, As we explore a planet so alien and lovely.

The sky above us, a strange hue of green, A sight that we have never before seen, The air, a mix of scents so exotic, A place where the atmosphere is chaotic.

The landscape before us, a sight to behold, A place of wonders, both new and old, The flora, the fauna, so different from home, A place where we feel like we've never roamed.

The creatures around us, so strange and bizarre, A world of life that stretches afar, Their movements, their sounds, so intriguing, A place where the mind is always seeking.

The ruins of a civilization, long gone, A mystery that we long to ponder upon, The artifacts, the structures, so intriguing, A glimpse of a culture that was once thriving.

The feeling of exploration, so overwhelming, A sense of adventure that keeps us compelling, The thrill of the unknown, the wonder of discovery, As we explore a planet so alien and lovely.

And as we gaze upon this distant land, We realize how small we are in this grand, Yet our curiosity drives us forward, To explore a planet that is always to be explored.

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