Free AI Image Generation With Lasco.AI

25 Mar 2024

Since the inception of AI image generation, there have been lots of platforms that popped up that can help you create images via AI. However, with all these image generating platforms entering the market, it can be difficult to locate a platform that combines quality and price, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But if you are looking for a simple yet awesome way to create AI generated art, Then checkout Lasco AI. It is a free image generating platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI algorithms to help users with the ability to effortlessly craft stunning visual content. So if you're a seasoned artist seeking inspiration or a beginner exploring the vast realms of digital art, Lasco AI offers a seamless and intuitive interface designed to cater to all skill levels.

What sets Lasco apart from the hundreds of alternatives is its commitment to both quality and accessibility. With a diverse range of features and customization options, users can easily tailor their creations to suit their unique preferences and artistic vision. From generating intricate landscapes to crafting whimsical character portraits, the possibilities are virtually limitless with Lasco AI at your fingertips.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Lasco AI is its accessibility. Unlike many other platforms that require costly subscriptions, upfront fees or even use discord, Lasco offers its robust suite of tools and resources entirely free of charge. No freemium, no hidden fees. This democratization of AI-generated art ensures that creativity knows no bounds and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a spark of imagination.

So whether you're an aspiring artist looking to hone your craft or a seasoned professional seeking new avenues of expression, look no further.

Using the platform:
To start using the platform, it’s quite easy. Just head on to and sign up using your email and you’re ready to use the platform. Each user is given 300 credits that refreshes daily weather you use it all or not. 

Understanding the interface:
Creating an image with Lasco is quite easy.

There are two ways to generate an image with

Image Description - Simply just write what image you want to generate and let Lasco do it’s work. You can also use the dice button in the bottom right of the description box to inspire or help you with creating an image. 

Image Upload - You can also upload an image of your choice as a basis for your image creation. Once your image is uploaded you can choose how similar your new image will be to your base image.

Once you’re done writing the image you want to generate, choose what model you want your image to look at on the final output. offers a lot of models to choose from. have their own models you can choose, Lasco-real, Lasco-zepeto, Lasco-toon and Lasco anime, other models are from open source models from other platforms.

Once you’ve chosen the image model you want, you can also choose a secondary style to further enhance the final image you want.

Advanced Settings:
The advanced settings are also easy to use and help you further create the image you want.

Features To Exclude - You can specify in this box what you don't want to see in your image.

Ratio - The size of the image you want in the final output.

Scheduler - You do not need to change this if your new to AI image generation but scheduler’s are a way to remove noise in the final image.

CFG Scale (classifier-free guidance scale) - controls image consistency to text prompts. Higher values equals a closer match, but balance for diversity and quality.

Steps - Indicate stages in AI artwork generation.

Seed - In AI, a seed guides image generation by providing a starting point for the random number generator, based on learned patterns. The random seed means the AI will freely create your image. If you want a specific output based on previous image generations, just copy the seed number and paste it in the custom seed option.

Once you're done choosing your model, style and settings all you have to do is click generate.

Each generation will cost you 4 credits but will produce four different images. Once the images are generated it will show at the results page at the bottom. You can also check your previous creations by clicking your profile picture at the top right of the page and clicking on “My Gallery”.

Before you download your image you can also upscale it to improve the image quality. This will cost you 5 credits per image.

If you're looking for inspiration you can check what other users generated by heading over to the gallery page located at the top left of the page.

If you are already an expert at AI image generating and creating your own models, you can also upload them by heading over to the model upload page located at the top left of the page.

Sample images from my gallery:


  • Free to use (300 points per day)
  • Simple to use
  • Many models and secondary models to pick from


  • No mobile app
  • Slow updates
  • Sometime credits don’t refresh

As you can see, Lasco.AI is quite easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or expert in the digital art space and if you're looking for a free way to learn how to generate images with AI, or use AI to help you with your image projects just check out Lasco.AI. It’s free anyways.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. Have a nice day!


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