Who is Namor ??

31 Jul 2022

Namor , the submariner is a famous character apperaing in marvel comics. We will see his debut role in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever .He was introduced in 1939 in comics. His powers includes super strength , strong combat skills and many others as other superheroes. 
Along with his, he can easily surive on both water and fly so fast like a fighter plane in land. So ,he is hybrid. This character almost resembles to Aquaman of DC comics but Nmor was introduced earlier in comics. Aquaman was first created in 1941 , two years later than Namor.

Images from : sportskeeda 

Namor is badass and antivillian sort of character. He was born with love of  man from the land ( who intentionlly was gone to attack there ) and women from the Sea (who was princess and came to stop him) and raised as truthful heir of Sea or ocean. When he first visits land , he went crazy and starts distrbing it. So , human torch and he got a strong fight. Later they became friends. While he was bad in Land , some heroes just wipe his past memory, he then acts as some heroes. Later when he got again revisit with new fantastic four human torch , he got his memory back.

Thus, Namor is some sort of first mutant in MCU being introduced in comics not by age. By age, Apocalpyse is oldest of all mutants. He is more badass and antihero. I am more exciting to see him soon in next movie of Black panther.

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His character was very good and especially he was born from the land of God's. That's really great
I am anticipating how his character will play out in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Is he a legend If I'm not wrong
Namor the Sub-Mariner, Marvel's undersea hero, and just as often villain, is one of the publisher's first two major characters
Namor is a very good person Form the land of gods
Big fan of Marvel's Namor. Can't wait to see him in Black Panther