Tips for non-financial asset investment (Part 3)

7 Jun 2022

Unregulated markets exist now for investing in non-traditional equities (NFTs). 

Shelling out thousands of euros for digital images for many investors seems understandable. 

It's very natural for something to come off as absurd. 

Aside from that, it's true that many individuals are betting on NFTs.

A non-fiat currency (NFT) or a collection of NFTs, such as cryptocurrencies, is the most difficult to estimate in terms of value.

One way to achieve this is to consider the area's development potential.

First, we're investigating blockchain-based investments, and we're open to trading as an option (investments with a very short term).

On the other hand, when it comes to non-financial transfers of art, we are certain that the value of these transfers will rise with time.

The following considerations must be made before beginning to invest in NFTs:

  1. It's critical to educate yourself on the market before "jumping in" by reading, studying, and paying attention.
  2. Opensea, Rarible, Sorare, and Minthana are all places where you may buy NFT. Everything you need to know about OpenSea is right here.
  3. Please do your homework and become active in the enterprise you're interested in investing in: Examine the people in charge of the project, the developers, the wider community, and the level of interest generated by it.
  4. Depending on how long you want to store the NFT, you should also evaluate the strategy followed by these crypto-assets: regular revaluation over time. Having this knowledge and knowing how much you are willing to pay is quite vital.
  5. To invest in NFTs, you may follow the instructions provided on any existing NFT platforms. Before proceeding with the payment procedure or even the auction, you must connect your wallet.
  6. Observe the work's current offers and price history (if there is one) and the author's biographical information. In a normal circumstance, you have the power to Opensea, the most popular trading platform for NFTs.
  7. You must place a bid to take part in the auction. Those monies will be deposited into your bank account if the offer is successful.
  8. When you're ready to buy the item, buy it at the price you see on the item's display.

As an artist or a project developer, you may generate money with NFTs in other ways, such as submitting your work to the NFT marketplace or selling your services. The following are also possible possibilities.

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