Persecuting yourself.

19 Apr 2024

Our life gets experience daily by new things from the attitudes, behaviour and actions of other people. Some times we learn from their experience and some comes through observations. May it look bad in first look but others has experience through the own practical.

I have a routine of morning walk and mainly after offering the prayer in mosque I go straight to nearby walking track , park or if I am in village then goes on muddy waving road between the green crops.

Previous week I was in a village of upper Punjab where my uncle lives. I get up in the morning and went out for my walk. Just a kilometre away saw a old man bathing under a domestic fountain tap.

Such taps people use to get water mainly in rural areas. So I surprised that how this old man getting bath with cold water in temperature of 14© in the morning 6:00 am. I slowly went close to him and he was pumping the tap with full power, water was coming with full flow and he was saying with anger in his local language. ( ہن دس فیر ایویں کریں گآ). ( Now tell me , will you do it again).

These words were very strange to me that to whom he is talking and to whom he is using to reduce his anger. Well , I wait around 10 minutes to finish his bath. The old man stopped bathing, wear the shirt and I asked him this question. (بابا جی ، کی ہویا ۔ کدے تے غصے او ۔ تے کیوں اینی سردی وچ ٹھنڈے پانی نال نہای جا رے او).( Baba g ( old man) what happened, to whom you are angry and why you are bathing here with cold water.

He saw me with strange eyes and replied, " My son , I woke up daily for my predawn prayers without fail and without any alarm but today He ( he signed to himself) didn't woke me up and I punished him by this cold water, so he will remember it for not to repeat again same mistake.

I asked " Baba g , is it compulsory to punish our body on any mistake? He replied , " mistakes gives birth to anger and hypertension which we can release by two ways . Mentally or physically because it is our nature that we feel calm after revenge. A relief of sigh and satisfaction emerges. So if you will keep in mind it will lead you to stress and anxiety for long term but if you persecut yourself, tease yourself, punish yourself a little, your anger will defuse. Your sense of revenge will get satisfaction and you will no longer think about that mistake.

It was a great lesson for me that how we can defuse the stress without thinking too much , without taking stress and mental illness. It is not compulsory to beat yourself but to release the anger doing some hard physical work with intention of revenge and tease like going up stairs, running, wieght lifting, bathing with cold water or punching an object are solutions.

While writing these lines I remember this video base on a Buddhist monk story about focus on yourself. It is worthy watch too .

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