Why coins/tokens get added always ??

8 Jul 2022

There are many tokens and coins available in market. Each coins serves a purpose to be added in crypto industry.
Example of coin  :Bitcoin was made to make transparent transaction which was not possible in traditional banks. Ethereum was made to overcome the solution of Smart contract which was not possible by Bitcoin. Solana, Polygon and many others was made to do fast transaction with less transaction fee which was not possilbe in  Ethereum and Bitcoin beacuse of the fact they uses Proof of work mechanism. ATOM and DOT was made to overcome the solution of Interoperability was not possible in other mentioned coins.Thus ,each and every coin has thier own purpose of being made.

Token purposes : Later some tokens also served valuable puropses in feild of Bridging assests over networks, DeFi purposes, market analysis ,metaverse,gaming , DAOs and many others. The main aim of these all was just to bring the transparent and immutable transaction. Some other projects first serves the market by making marketplaces of tokens/ coins/NFTs and later they made their own tokens after they got well renowned in market like Binanec, OpenSea , UNI,DYDX does. 
So, most of well known and renowned projects we ever heard are made to bring some changes in crypto industry.

Other well known examples :
Bulb : so that users who have ideas, passion and engagement gets rewarded.
PreSearch : so that users who uses and contribute to preserach engine get rewarded.
Steemit : so that each users having published opinion and thoughts get also rewarded and many others.
Stepen : here ,each users get fair rewards baed on walk-to-earn.
So, in upcoming days some other projects will come who will ensure to give better experince and fair system will be heartly welcomed and it's not limited to digital transaction only . Many projects have already succesfully worked for walk-2-earn ,hike-to-earn and many other sector.

Thus ,it's confirmed that each users who contribute to the deveopment and involvement of projects should get fair and transparent rewards in each sector of our digital system , Crypto industry was made.To provide each possible solutions, new project will always be added in crypto industry.

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Well, i think every Token has a different utility and purpose in the Crypto space
And the market is pumping little
We should first see the potential of the project And then invest accordingly
Earlier I used to think that both the coins and tokens are one of the same but after reading this article I get to know the difference between both the things. Really liked the article. As there are many coins and tokens available in the market Which coin or token would you like to buy? Please suggest some good potential coins and tokens to us