Shill this, Shill that

26 Oct 2023

Alright folks! We're about to dive into the wild world of shilling. Now, shilling ain't just some random gig; it's an art form.

Shilling is like a delicate dance that requires finesse, charm, and a dash of sneakiness. Maybe it’s an unethical practice - in my perspective for sure it was… but I changed perspective. I now understand that there is “shilling” and there is “shilling” (yeah… is the same word, was trying to go for something dramatic…clearly didn’t work out).

Now that I think about it, maybe the word is related to the former "shilling" currency, used in British colonies, where people would do activities and receive "shillings' in return.

Well, the thing is, I used to condemn this art, and in some ways, I still do because it can make a project look cheap! Or because “shillers” for small amounts of bucks, will shill whatever “moves” without thinking about the consequences to their following. But those are no shillers, those are merchants. And that is the point I am trying to make.

Look at the Bitcoin example! Look where we are at today! I know that a great product sells by itself, but you also need “good sellers”, to push a good narrative. And what makes a good seller? They believe in a good product. So, to be fair and square, Bitcoin is where it is today, because of what it represents, but also because a legion of believers shilled their guts out, regarding the orange coin.

Shilling as previously stated by me it’s an art form, to be honest. When well done is magic! You gotta be a master of persuasion. You can't just waltz in there with a mediocre sales pitch and expect people to jump on board. No way, Jose! Look at the amount of BS tickers around! The only thing worse is the people shilling it. It’s a bummer, it’s a turn-off…it is so meh! Not a fan, and never will be, of shilling per shilling. There is no essence, there is no narrative, just a common “buy this coin, it will pump”. What is that? At least put some effort into it, you deranged ghoul!

It’s way too obvious, it’s too forced! There is no subtleness anymore. Is the equivalent of asking a girl out, and just saying the word “sex”! Sometimes it may stick, but most of the time it won’t because you look like a primitive baboon. “The subtle” should be a promoter’s best friend in the shilling game. Nowadays, everyone is forcing it into the conversation. It’s just so random.

And the timing. Don’t make me start, about timing. Timing in this life is absolutely everything. Literally, the only thing we have is time! You can't just go around yelling about your miracle product at any given time. No one wants to hear about “the coin” that will pump when experiencing the worst bear market of our lives. No one has money to splurge, and no one will trust another scam coin unless there is a purpose and a narrative.

So yeah! Shilling often has a negative meaning associated with the word, because “shillers” are creating this stigma for themselves, by not putting in the effort, by randomly throwing it at the conversations, and so on.

You can't fake passion, my fellow friends. People can smell a fake from a mile away. No one likes a phony, and your reputation ain't worth sacrificing for a quick buck. And that’s my final point. Never forget, that people will not trust the coin that you are shilling at first. At first, they will trust the person who is shilling, and that’s you! So treat shilling as an art form, and craft your art, or slowly damage your reputation anon. Up to you!

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See you soon fam!

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I wonder how much "shilling" is actually just people on the losing side of a trade? Like people will get angry at someone shilling a shitcoin only AFTER they lose out on the trade. Before that they're happy to go in on the trade, hoping to hit the jackpot, but when they don't it's the promoter who's at fault. Is it really that deceitful people promoting a gamble inside the massive casino which is 95% of all crypto at this point in time? Not to excuse the total lowlifes who are in this space of course. They are the worse. HEX and Pulsechain being two prime examples of complete fraud that promised guaranteed riches.
I've grown so accustomed to ignoring shills in the space. I look for viable info and trustworthy sources in a world where people will believe anything & hype their bags to earn a few bucks ✅
Shilling can be really dangerous for newbies, they see some guy on youtube who shows you his portfolio and how much it is making so you jump in. (im ashamed to say, been there,done that and the money is 'lost' in yeild nodes lol) They get paid to shill that shit, and their followers are usually just exit liquidity.
Shitcoins would be nothing without people shilling them. Nice write up!
Crypto shilling pump and dump should be more frequently exposed so new crypto users do not fall for it. Shilling damages the crypto space by burning out new users who otherwise may come to like, enjoy, and use blockchain and crypto.
The art of shilling is often the daily bread of those we in Italy call "shittie gurus", people who speculate on the greed of others. Although, at times, you may come across some good shillers. :)
Don't get cut up in the shill engine
People are fooled by watching worthless coin go up 30% while really valuable technologies stand still.
It can have a bad name and there can be good people shilling positively.
I know some of it doesn't worth it why some do.
I once work for a crypto shilling company, they called it hype marketing
Great Article..
From the first day of my crypto days, I've heard countless of shills. Got rekt by it most of the time, till I learnt the hard way of doing my own research. The phrase "If it sounds like too good to be true, then it probably is". But I can say this for a fact, it is very difficult to differentiate in between those who shill for fast gain (Pros I guess), and a person who really are passionate about the project. In the end, I'd prefer the project stats over everything else. Thanks for the well written article buddy.