Scary Love

9 Nov 2022

She had pretty eyes
and looking through it All I saw were shooting stars
Her lips always had a smile
And when she spoke her words were like cold water splashed on my bare chest
The spasm my body felt reminded me of the touch my starved skin craved, the love my neglected soul fled from but unconsciously longed for
I call this toxic love
This love was Killing me and in my mind, I thought this wasn't enough
Just a little more and my feelings can get lost
My feelings were becoming obstacles
For my betrayed body it was becoming unbearable
Love was so cruel
She was beautiful
Her name was my favorite word
Of all this, I didn't care for once if I got fooled
Cos in my mind I kept lying to myself that she would be mine soon
I knew that if I fell in love
that it would be really deep and no one would be around to tell dis tale
And probably my story would come to an end

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