What's Your Opinion About the Bulb Staking?

11 Apr 2024

I have been in and around this site and I do post on this site but hardly interacted. Bulbapp is quite a phenomenon from what I gather from other writers' reviews of the site. I thought it only made sense to look closely. And that's what I did.

I think, as of today, we are expected to make a one-time payment of 2000 Bulbs to keep writing on this site. That was not an issue. However, the earning potential became known only after I read about the staking opportunity over here.

I am writing on the site, so why not increase my bet on the site and stake too? There was too much information for me to grasp in one go, as I had other prior commitments, I left it for another day. I read from one place that the Bulb token will be listed on 13th April or was it going to be launched on 13th April? Either way, where is it being launched or where is it being listed? All those details would be good to know.

At the moment I am enjoying the ride and staked 10,000 Bulbs. So, let's see how that goes. :)


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