The Best of (my) BULB #1

24 Aug 2023

Welcome to a series of indefinite length where we look at the articles I'm enjoying on BULB.

The articles that caught my attention

What the Tech?! Decentralized and Cloud Computing

What a great look back at the birth of shared services. And yet history does tend to repeat itself. The current slew of AI on demand services echoes closely the shared computing services of yesteryear. Just as was the case back then, right now people don’t have anywhere near the ability to host and run these crazy large AI models so they go to a type of shared service to access small chunks of time with these models.

Now of course in the age of parallel processing and streaming data the experience is much
different but… there’s the core idea of having to access a shared service for running the whole app (not just parts of it) that is very similar.

Understanding Mimblewimble: A Privacy-Focused Blockchain Revolution

There are just so many of these projects out there. I've got to think the dream of a world filled with a million and one currencies, each more unique than the next, was mostly the fever dreams of a particular sub-sub-section of devs. The next step is to see if any of these projects can turn their gaze away from finance and try to leverage the tech they've built for something other than trying to be money.

The Top 10 Public Companies with the Biggest Bitcoin Portfolios

It's instructive that many on this list don't have any business use for Bitcoin. In the case of miners, who are the largest group in this list, they are usually net sellers of Bitcoin as they have to fund their operations. I'm guessing the large miner holdings are a factor of the large price decreases we've seen from Bitcoin over the past year or so.
I would think miners are borrowing against their mined BTC, rather than selling it, in hopes future price increases will far outweigh short term borrowing costs.

But in the case of places like Block, Tesla, etc.. it's just strange. They can't actually use Bitcoin in their business so it just... sits there? That's not a great use of capital by any business and looking at the business performance of many of these on the list leads you to believe buying Bitcoin was just one in a long line of questionable strategies/projects.

Kali Yuga: The Age of Darkness and Chaos

A prominent Hindu myth and prophecy that explains, as Hindus believe, the world as it is today.
Tied to the intricate story here is a core of familiar conservative values that are common to all mainstream religions. The delivery method, the particular mythos of each religion, may differ greatly but the underlying message is strikingly similar across them all.

New Alien-Like Sea Creature Discovered in the Ocean

Crinoids are a type of marine invertebrate that have been around for hundreds of millions of years. They are related to starfish, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers, but they have their own unique features. Crinoids have a central body with a mouth and anus on the upper side, and a ring of arms that radiate from it.

Might just be me, but I cannot stop thinking of the face huggers from Aliens when I look these.

Web Navigation: The Epic First Browser War

Mentored by Mosaic and Father to Firefox Netscape Navigator is a true piece of pivotal information technology history. It started with hackers and ended (ultimately) in a courtroom.

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