Cocaine addict

16 Feb 2023

As he sneaks in, I can see it in his eyes.
He has been to a place he had assured me he would never revisit.
He believes I won't be aware of it.
He believes I'm unable to tell.
He disregards the number of times he has subjected me to this agony.
The lies keep coming nonstop.
The treachery. stupid lies
He sits there staring at me; how is that even possible?
I've shed a lot of tears.
I feel very alone.
Although he is seated next to me, he is not actually at home.
He has been overtaken by the drug.
It's consuming his soul.
His heart is so horrible as a result.
Black, like a coal piece.

I attempt to stand next to him.
I strive to be loving to him.
I humbly urge him to love me more than it, yet I fall short.
This load is really heavy.
I can't let my buddies know.
I ask God to assist him.
I hope it will be over soon.
I ask God to please hear me.
God, please intervene quickly.
Our young child believes he hung the moon.
He's only eight months old, but I think it would be tragic if a child this wonderful had to raise himself without a father.

But his father is deteriorating.
killing himself mindlessly.
I wish he could see how unfair this situation is.
I'm not happy any more.
It is also killing me.
We argue every day. Never do we laugh.
We merely yell and scream.
He's destroying our life one piece at a time.
It isn't a humorous game.
That killed our love and devastated our family.
due to his fondness of "Cocaine."

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