The Law of UX- 08

18 Oct 2022

It's been a while. 

How has it been learning about UX and how to apply them in your designs? Well today I will be covering another essential Law of UX 

This is the Law of Proximity, this law states that when objects are near each other they are perceived to be grouped together. This can be seen to be applicable when grouping elements in a card or on a page. 

The Proximity law is applicable in almost any design out there, there are some things to note when considering it

  • The Law of Proximity helps to create a relationship between objects that are close to each other on a web page or app. 
  • Also, when dealing with the law of Proximity, elements that share the same proximity are considered to have the same functionality or trait.
  • With proximity, it is much easier to organize information for the users to navigate through easily

Stay tuned for more UX LAWs

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I hope to learn more about the Laws of UX from you, keep it up
I always know the importance of understanding the laws of UX As a UX designer myself, I have spent a lot of time learning and knowing the laws that govern User Experience