Time Travel -Part-3

1 Aug 2022

Time travel is mentioned in the novel 'The Time Machine'. Popular science-writer H.G., considered the father of science fiction. Wells wrote but it was not based on blank fiction. In the creation-world of literature and films, the concept of time-travel was created on the basis of some scientific principles. These principles came to the world when Albert Einstein, a rich scientist of extraordinary intelligence, presented the 'Theory of Relativity' ie 'Theory of Relativity', which changed the thinking about the world.
It is not possible to understand the concept of time-travel without understanding the principles of relativity. Before the advent of this theory, it was believed that time is the same for all, fixed or absolute, that is, whether two people are on any two corners of the world, time will be the same for both. Because of this thinking, time was considered universal.
Einstein's 'theory of relativity' challenged this assumption. He gave the concept that time is not the same for everyone, that is, time is different for people present in two different places. According to Einstein, the time between two events depends on the motion of the observer or the position of the viewer of the event.

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