I see the rain

13 Jan 2023

Watch the rain if you are harmed, in agony, or empty in any way.

It might come off as absurd or even a little strange.
Watch the rain because it truly helps.

The rain is a sign that God is weeping alongside you and that you are not alone.

that which you lost
Watch the rain while she cries up there.

Both of you miss them and they are aware of your absence.
They are aware of your suffering, so keep an eye on the rain.

Watch the rain. It's a means for them to say their final farewells and the words they never got to speak.

Every lightning strike and thunderclap is a warning to be on the lookout for rain.

Expressing with each drop that you should live freely and with every drop that they are content and safe.

Always keep an eye out for the rain because they will always remember your time together just as you will.

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