What kind of country is Malaysia?

28 Jan 2023

Malaysia Capital: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia land area: 330,345 square kilometers, population: 31.94 million, the main ethnic groups in the territory: Malays, Indians. Main languages: English, Malay, Indian. The population of Malaysia is mainly concentrated in five cities: Johor Bahru: 1.8 million, Kuala Lumpur: 1,795,200, Penang: 1,766,800, and Ipoh: 710,700. From the analysis of population and land area, Malaysia is a medium-sized country, and the overall situation of the country is fair, and it can be regarded as a relatively high-ranking country among developing countries.

History of Malaysia:

In the early days, there were many countries in Malaysia. After some fighting, the Three Buddhas, the Kingdom of Malacca, and the Sultan of Johor became a force that cannot be ignored in the Malay region. After the beginning of the great nautical era, European colonists came to Malaysia and gradually swallowed all areas of Malaysia. The British and the Dutch finally became the colonists of Malaysia after a battle with the Dutch.

Malaysia became a British colonizer. During this period, in order to better develop the local economy, the British carried out reforms in various aspects, so that Malaysia was deeply imprinted with the shadow of British colonists.

After the outbreak of World War II, the Japanese army defeated the local garrison in Malaysia and successfully occupied the area. After the end of World War II, Malaysia successfully established a nation after undergoing some changes. The government focused on people's livelihood, thus creating a Malaysia that countless people love.

Malaysian Economy:

In order to develop its economy rapidly, Malaysia has established a five-year plan and established multiple economic zones, just to allow the country to undergo rapid development. Malaysia’s 2018 national GDP was: 364.702 billion U.S. dollars , and its per capita GDP was: 11,414.83 U.S. dollars. From 2013 to 2018, Malaysia’s economy showed rapid development, with an annual growth rate of 4 %to 6%. From an economic perspective, Malaysia was once known as the Asian Tigers.

In the early stage, the Malaysian economy was dominated by agriculture. After industrial optimization, the economy was diversified. The service industry not only provided 55.5% of GDP, but also brought a large number of jobs to the country, effectively alleviating domestic employment pressure. In addition to agriculture, Mining industry, manufacturing industry, tourism and other industries all have a certain proportion in the national economy.

The more well-known companies in Malaysia include Berjaya Group, CNI Group, Genting Group, Seagull Group and other well-known companies.

Prices in Malaysia:

The overall price level in Malaysia is not high, in Malaysian restaurant you can eat a full meal in 5 dollar only, If you want to eat better, you can go to a medium-sized restaurant.

Some things in Malaysia:

1. When going to Malaysia for business meetings, remember not to shake hands with unfamiliar women. This is very impolite. You should nod your head and salute directly. In addition, you cannot use your left hand when you are in contact with Malaysian people.

2. There is no need to worry about language barriers when living in Malaysia. After all, this country is a multi-ethnic country.

3. There are relevant regulations in Malaysian law that as long as you are a Muslim, you can marry with four girls. To achieve this goal, you need a certain amount of financial resources and the consent of the original partner.

4. The overall temperature in Malaysia is relatively normal, and it often rains in different areas.

5. Many well-known international brands have set up processing plants in Malaysia. It is no problem to buy some internationally-known brand clothes here.

6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has the world's most famous Petronas Twin Towers. The two towers stand in the center of Kuala Lumpur. 7. Every household in Malaysia has a car, and some families even have 2-3 cars.

Malaysia is a very interesting country. It not only has cultural characteristics, but also a maverick lifestyle, coupled with fascinating food, and intoxicating scenery, so that a large number of people will go to Malaysia to experience the exotic scenery every year.

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