My life

11 Feb 2023

If I can remember some ten years ago. I suffered a disease called G6PD Deficiency. It’s hasn’t been an easy ride, I’m having allergies anytime I mess up. I’m honestly tired but I hold on to God for without him I would have been nothing regarded.

Just a little tragedy life could just go up side down.
Well whatever it calls itself, I’m ready for it, so far I’ve God by my side.
And I thank all my brothers especially Jatt and Ekhay. I used to think I did give up but thanks to them.
I’m still thinking of how I will survive amidst the cruel world.

when I said i was down, so many thought came across my head. Honestly I’m tired, I don’t know how to fight anymore.

Well, I know I’ll survive this because there’s no drug of any sort.
May God bless me, Forever!

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