Work management

28 Dec 2022

Planning and exercising deliberate control over the amount of time spent on particular activities, especially to maximise efficacy, is the practise of time management. -in line with Wikipedia

Even when time is limited and demand is great, effective time management enables you to work smarter, not harder, to complete more tasks in less time.

Time management is crucial in our personal lives as well as in our organisations..
Make a To-Do List to help you properly plan your day. Make a list of the necessary tasks that must be completed in a single day. The items on the to-do list should be completed within the allotted time period, and they should be written in the order of priority.

Setting Objectives and Goals
Make sure your goals are both realistic and reachable when you set them.

Placing Time Limits
Make deadlines for yourself and work extremely hard to do projects in advance of them. Set your own deadlines. Consider how much time and how many days must be allocated to a specific work.

time spent on the appropriate activity
Make it a habit to act appropriately at all times. Work completed at the incorrect time is of little utility. Don't spend all day on something that can be completed in an hour or less. Additionally, set aside time for personal calls and checking Twitter and Facebook for developments. After all, no body is firewood.

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