The girl

28 Jan 2023

Everyone in the house was shocked when I revealed that I have a girlfriend. Everyone refers to Madhav and Madhavi as Ms. Madhuri and Apatye. But the fact that they felt that way did not at all surprise me. because I'm a pretty straightforward guy. in front of the nose, exactly. one who keeps four cubits apart from women and doesn't snoop around. Even if there is a chance to speak with a woman for some reason, the neck-down talker will always win. He therefore never imagined that his father would act in such a manner. First T, the second kid born to Madhavi, was born as soon as I heard this words. V switched it off and prompted me with a question. First T, the second kid born to Madhavi, was born as soon as I heard this words. V switched it off and said "What?... What did you say?... Dad, do you have a girlfriend too? ", so I replied, "Yes... It exists... What exactly is that shocking about? It's not, I say. "What's there to talk about? Like you have a boyfriend, I have a girlfriend," Madhav replied, grinning at me. "How does it feel to have a girlfriend for a guy your age and you've never mentioned..."

He spoke again, briefly feigning to vanish, "But Dad, it doesn't suit your age. First shut up. Are you gazing at me?... Look at the animal in the queen's garden so. Who will say what? What book states that a 55-year-old man'shouldn't have a girlfriend?' I enquired while grinning at him. Where does age become relevant? He is asking himself this. Is it possible to predict when someone will fall in love? Charles of England and Bill Clinton both had girlfriends. With my oratory, Madhav and Madhavi were mute. They were at a loss for words. They both turned to face one another. Madhavi then turned to face her mother and said:

Mrs. It remained silence for a long time after saying, "Have you seen this magnificence of mother and father? Now you decide what to do." I mean, it was a little unusual to me. "Oh honey, it is claimed that people become wiser as they age, especially men. What else? At least they should have remembered their family and their customs. Now you tell me. We have a face in the community, in the relatives. Do you have a place to show?" You now inform me. We have a face in the community and within the family. Have you got a spot to show off? Where is there even room for you to cover your mouth? "I'm even more irritated.

At his age, Avadsa Athawali has no idea how to have a girlfriend. They are unaware that it takes good fortune to find a wife like mine. He appeared to despise me, and both Madhav and Madhavi looked at me with burning eyes as they followed mother inside. His face turned red with rage, and when she was faced with the choice of eating or swallowing, she went to the kitchen.

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