Misconception or what ???

14 Jul 2022

Misconception simply means that someone is thinking in other ways than it used to be. Misconception could be anywhere due to many factors like culture, working places , residing location, dealing with movies and reels life and many others. Ok, misconecption could be from any sort of person , not only from specific people , professionals , genders or any other basis.
The misconception of people over their beloved and idol ones are also nowadays more popular.

Popular Example : 
1) Let's say one girl have been murdered and till date ,criminals haven't been identified beacuse of some mysterious reasons. 
2) Let's some popular artists or entetainer got some bad vibes over stage performance or used some words that are biased among people. Or , say he says somethings that violates and should be punished by law. but remember this crime is not as higher crime than first cases.
3) Let's say police or some judicial body knows about second case and went to take that popular arstist to arrest , but in this time why local people wouldn't let it happens. It's okay they love his perfromance but they are becoming hindrance to law.
4) In next scene , we will see media or people accusing government for not solving case 1 which is obviously true and good but in same scene they will say second case , to arrest that popular artist is bad because they haven't solved first cases yet.

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Yes, unfortunately people are still grown with those misconceptions till today.
There is a lot of misconceptions in our society today. It isn't a nice thing to see but this is the world we live in
Misconception in the simple words means inconfusion. That people are really confused bout the things.
It's that simple
Definitely not a misconception