Hats off, Mr. Beckham

10 Oct 2023

Today I won’t be touching the crypto or Web3

No, today I will touch one of my biggest passions in the World! FOOTBALL… or soccer (whispers in anger).
More specifically I will touch one of the biggest names ever in the history of sports - David Beckham.

If you don’t live under a rock, or under the “50-star flag” (just messing around, my fellow Americans) perhaps you are familiar with this persona, after all, he is the spitting image of Ted Lasso's, Jamie Tartt (clear sarcasm).
If not familiar, I advise you to watch the new documentary on Netflix about David Beckham’s career and personal life.

I used to have a rather different idea from Beck’s than the one I developed while watching the documentary. (I am aware that it is supposed to make David look good, and some aspects are a bit over-exaggerated for the sake of making him look good - like if he needed to look better than what he does - but still, really loved this piece on him).

I used to think that he was just some sculpted “Adonis”, living amongst common humans, without many setbacks in a career lifted by his looks, outside of the field connections! Basically, just a pretty face, that wrote his name on the football pitch, because of his lifestyle and not because of his skill. I still think skill-wise he is not anywhere near the likes of the Gods of this sport like Zidane, Ronaldinho, Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona, etc. but this documentary shows that he was decisive in important times, and for that, you have to possess extra will, belief and true passion and therefore hats off to Mr. Beckham.

Plus, my opinion is just my opinion, and this series, helped me put things into perspective. Based on my idea, overrated as a player, Beckham wouldn’t be top 30 players of all time, but who I am to decide? I mean the man worked with one of the best coaches of all time (if not the best), and if Sir Alex Ferguson saw something special in Beckham, can the crowd really contest him?

One thing is for sure, and watching this documentary I remember it. The man was an idol of a generation! A true icon! And I know this because playing football with my friends, uncountable times, we had the need to scream “DAVID BECKHAM”, before crossing a ball or scoring a free kick! (I don’t know why we did it, but we did…) Legend! I also remember that all the girls from my school had 2 major crushes… Brad Pitt, and David - Quite annoying tbh, since I looked nothing like these dudes and they set the standard of beauty all over the world.

Anyway, I gained a new respect for Beckham, and as a person he sure deserves a lot of credit. I won’t spoil any major detail, in case you want to watch the 4 episode series, but the man has a few characteristics that I identify with and respect in a human being. I was surprised about how much it is possible for a person to endure and keep going, and in all honesty, I never thought that a man like David could be that dude - a dude who sweats resiliency - but turns out that he is that guy, and actually, he has that dawg in him?!
Guess that is another lesson from the old “Never judge a book by its cover” collection.

Since I am not from the UK, I really had no idea what Becks had to endure and is something utterly ridiculous and at the same time super interesting, that will make you analyze human behavior from the stance of a supporter, and from the stance of a professional athlete, which to be fair, has more to do with who you are as a person, than what you are as an athlete. And that was the captivating part for me.

So if you have some time to spare, I advise you to follow his story, since is heartwarming and displays a person with ethics, morals, and values, led by passion and stubbornness, which makes the protagonist a true legend and an icon of a generation.

It's a "badass" documentary, you will like it anon!

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