Splinterlands: Five Alive — But For How Long?

15 Apr 2024

Greetings, battle mages, and battle witches!

The end of the season is closing in fast in Splinterlands and this time we don’t get to open many, many chests but instead, get to spend our GLINT in the shop. I am planning on purchasing the most expensive draw and I’m already lowering my chin toward my chest and preparing for new disappointments! 😅

Seasons come and go but the battles are always raging on in the Splinterlands realm. This week’s Battle Mage Secrets challenge featured the Five Alive ruleset, simply meaning that only five monsters could be used.

My approach, my strategy, for this one is to focus on supporting a single unit while crossing my fingers that the opponent doesn’t use certain monsters with certain abilities.
Let’s take a closer look!

My Team

Once again trusted magic and boosted all of my attacks with ALRIC STORMBRINGER and his summoner buff.

The special unit I mentioned earlier is none other than the THANALORIAN SCION.

She has only one health point but to get to reduce that to zero is easier said than done. Her void armor will make sure that all enemies, including the magic ones, will have to fight their way through her strong armor(10) first.

Another one of her abilities, Corrosive Ward, will cause damage to attacking Melee units and also reduce their maximum armor points.

Behind her, I placed the good old DJINN OSHANNUS who is both a strong defensive and attacking monster. Thanks to his void ability, Oshannus will take reduced damage from magic attacks and in case my opponent should have Blast units, Oshannus would easily absorb most of the damage.

RIVER HELLONDALE also has a very special role in the team. His main job is to Resurrect the Scion assuming my enemies will finally get through her armor.

The nasty thing here is that once the Scion wakes up, the opponent will have to work their way through the armor again!

While River Hellondale could easily attract opponent opportunity monsters, the good part of this strategy is that they’ll be focusing on Scion as she has the least amount of health on my team. Therefore we will be focusing on protecting the Scion as she’ll be under heavy pressure and River will be relatively safe.

However, in some battles, I’ve noticed that River might not be enough to help Scion alone and therefore I’ve chosen to fill the remaining spots with two other supportive units.
VENARI WAVESMITH is here to provide some extra armor not only to Scion but to others as well, including herself.

Now my Thanalorian Scion should have a total of 12 armor points and a chance of coming back to life. Still, even that might not be enough so I’ve brought SWAMP SPITTER here to repair parts of her damaged armor.

There you have it. Four for one but make no mistake, while their main objective is to help a single unit, everyone is capable of causing good damage and hopefully turning this battle in our favor.

The Battle

Before I share the link to the actual battle, let’s have a quick look at the opponent team.

It seems that their approach to protecting the most valuable monsters is to use Mycelic Slipspawn a heavy tank unit that’ll force my team to attack it because of the taunt ability.
That will win some time for other monsters such as the dangerous gladiator unit, Katrelba Gobson, to perform. In fact, this whole setup doesn’t look that good for my strategy as they now have Sneak monsters…

Well, time to find out! Here is the link to the battle but you can also continue reading my battle report below! 😊👇

Okay. So, my master plan backfired right at the start as both of their Sneak units attacked my Swamp Spitter, bringing him down, and forcing River to use his Resurrect spell on him.

The second round started much better for us as we got rid of their tank although they then managed to kill the Spitter again and this time for good. In more bad news, Katrelba was now getting stronger because of her Bloodlust.

We were then able to take some pressure off the backline by playing one of the Sneak units in front. However, we also had to say goodbye to the Veneri Wavesmith.

The fourth round started with facing up the strong and fast Katrelba who now stood in the first spot. She made her double strikes which destroyed Scion’s armor leaving her with only that one health point.

Their healer then took Scion out but we retaliated and killed Katrelba while Oshannus now moved in front.

The fragile healer didn’t stand a chance in the first place against the powerful Djinn and the game was over.


I think it’s very important that in Five Alive ruleset, each monster has a specific role to play. Lately, I have been experimenting with different combinations that’ll support my precious Thanalorian Scion and this was one of the most perfect ones.
However, since Five Alive is a restrictive rule, I could’ve done better with those extra spots available. Perhaps I would have used a monster such as DUMACKE ORC in the last spot against those vicious Sneak attacks.

In retrospect, she had probably been a good option even for this battle with her retaliate and Shield abilities.

Well, there’s always a second time and getting a feeling that I’m getting closer to finding that perfect Thanalorian Scion strategy and once I do, I’ll be sure to share that with you guys.

Thank you for reading!

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