Dj night 🌃

2 Dec 2022

A night pub in Mumbai was crowded as usual. The ear-splitting DJ music was playing at full volume and the entire youth was mesmerized by the blaze of colorful lights. As time went on, the number of drinkers coming to the pub was increasing. Some couples even came together to marry there, and as soon as they entered, they even started looking for their husbands. Whiskey, vodka and cocktails were literally raining down on the counter. The bartender was making drinks by moving the bottles from one place to the other, there were many young people sitting on the camel, some of them were adults, some of them were having flings and some of them were drinking drinks.

Among them, a man sat alone on one side of the counter. Pouring a shot of vodka down his neck, he stole a glance. Mostly he was waiting for someone

He was a fit Detective Satyavarta Mane (Dr. Marne) in his thirties; 6 feet tall, dark complexion, messy hair and a thin beard on his cheeks. He wore black slacks and blue jeans.

At one point in the pub, a group of 4-5 modern girls were gazing at saar chads lustfully, laughing and commenting amongst themselves. After some time, there was some quarrel between the girls and one of them, a sexy young lady, came and sat next to Savak Mane.

“Hi handsome!... Can I buy you a drink ?..." the young woman asked casually.

Quietly listening to D. Mane downed a shot of vodka. her As soon as he saw it, he cut the left side of his jacket. The young woman who was carrying a black colored pistol tucked in her waist walked away without saying anything, without looking at Kalti Mar, he again poured a shot of vodka down her neck. Surely he came here for some important work. Mane did not offer anything else.

After a few minutes...

A peer in a red and blue polka dot shirt to Pubm. His searching eyes roamed the pub. Shay's eyes glazed over and his eyes fixed on the counter. A Lela D. It didn't take him long to recognize Ma. He died. He came and sat on the side of the neck. Both looked at each other. The man also ordered a drink. Suskara Soda looked at the Swiss made watch on his wrist.

"Fully 9 minutes and... er...... 47 seconds late hai tu!" D. Mane said his interest.

The person getting a bit nervous... sneaking a glance said...

"Forgive me sir, I have to stay safe from everyone / I have confused everyone by giving information to everyone / .... I have to roam everywhere /"

“Hmmm… this is the job of the newsmen… say, have you brought the formation early?” Khabri Raja looked suspiciously everywhere.

"You think again sir... you are going to put your hand in the mouth of a very dangerous man."

"Tell me straight, I don't have much time /" D. Mane tya ratene said.

Both of them were talking to each other without looking at each other so no one noticed it.

“Sir, everyone is afraid of you / But this man is not a blue as usual, but a shark… a shark! He is not afraid of anyone / A has come to know that the detective is behind him, so something! Everything will end before that / I will give the information... it will not cost! What is that, isn't it, even I will not have to hide myself, sir." Khabri Raja aapla talhat kharja pala.

“Sale!... Ye le thus le!...” D. Mane took out a packet containing money from his pocket.

Khabri Raja was pleased and secretly put the gaddi on his waist. Mane was looking closely everywhere.

“May I ask one thing, sir?... You always earn dishonestly, you mean only with your money, you have not looted many millionaires, you have also beaten many others / but why behind this? Has he hurt you?"

"You mean? It's your job to give information, I don't just give information, take money and keep walking, and anyway I have only 100 khokas of goods / which I looted only from dishonest people, I loot them /" On hearing this, Khabri Raja swallowed his stomach in terror. His bare waist went to the holstered pistol and he began to crouch like a parrot.

“Sir, that man is very cunning / ... in this world he is living the life of a personality / ... four years ago when he brought drugs worth crores to India, then for the first time I saw him here. ..But it is said that he then came in disguise and has a property worth crores/ cars worth crores in Singapore, America and he also has a lot of property here/ just now the fraud worth crores happened, wasn't it? His men were

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know / How To Get There" - D. Mane Khadsawun said.

“Sir, there is no trace of him / One has not seen him live today, he lives a very secretive life / I came to know that he has come to India recently / You must have known, he does not stay for long Yes, but he has a bungalow in Delhi, where his wife probably lives. Heard he loves his wife, he goes there occasionally to meet her. He only comes and goes to her house only at night. You won't get a tow of it sir / it is very difficult to reach him and even if you reach, his men will kill you or else.

Hearing this, D. A smile spread across Mane's face, which was very rare as Mane had got what he wanted.....

"Good! Woman is the weakness of every man, his wife's"


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