After Voting, What Next?

21 Feb 2023

Nigeria since her independence has faced challenges and internal crises ranging from the 1966 civil war, coup d’etat and military invasion of our governing system, and the devaluation of our currency. We blamed the military for our misfortune and l hoping for a change in government. This was granted to us in 1999 giving us a false sense of liberty and making us feel in control as we queued up to cast our vote.

Since then, we have witnessed political leaders with mouth watering manifestos come and gone yet our problems increases as the four years elapses. We are now plagued with hyper inflation and a galloping increase in price of what we use to export. But this is not even as bad as the fact that we are considered as one of the most corrupt nation in the world which has greatly reduced our glory.

We are now shadows of own ourselves for we are no more the giant of Africa in our economy but our numbers. Even to carter for our increasing population is now a herculean task but we have enough resources. These situation, is becoming unbearable and when we try to air our opinion, they shut us up. The youth became tired of this and took laws into their hands in a protest ( end SARS), yet this did not produce a desirable effect as we are now thrown from fry pan to fire.

We export a whole lot of crude oil yet we lack PMS for our vehicles and machines. We now work but we are not paid. We are paid but we cannot spend our own money. We deposit our money in the bank yet to withdraw our money is now a matter of life and dead. We now have to cook in banks just to withdraw our money. Yet they claim to be fighting corruption. They tell us they are preventing money laundering. But what do we see? We see the people who stacked the old money in their ceilings still stacking the new ones under their beds.

This calls for alarm. The people who err go unpunished but the masses suffer instead. We are tired of this. We are experiencing the true meaning of the word hunger yet they are still telling bus to go out and vote. I want to know “ what are we voting for.” They have lined up again to punish us in the next four years. Please what did we do wrong. We are not even sure if they will allow our vote to count this time around.

All these burdens have grown heavier than we anticipated. This is why we cry out. “politicians, what is the way out?” After voting please we want to know “what next”.

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