Why a male friend is preferred

14 Dec 2022

Little or no Drama

The drama in a lady/guy connection isn't as intense as it is in a typical "girl" friendship. I believe that, at least in my experience, men aren't very interested in drama. In a girl/guy connection, disagreements over where to eat or hang out tend to cause the most drama. Having a guy buddy could help ease the trauma that having so many poisonous friendships has caused you if you have experienced this. Being friends with a group of girls might be stressful, but having a guy buddy (or several of them) is soothing.
One can compare themselves to others in a friendship full of girls, which can lead to drama and rumors. Any form of girl friendship that involves anxiety and stress is lessened by having a guy friend. Guys can be humorous and entertaining company.

For instance, when my best buddy and I talk, we avoid bringing up drama in our conversations. We just try to check in on each other and don't really talk about the turmoil in our lives too often. We make an effort to keep our chats light and upbeat, and we support one another when we are feeling down or uncertain about something. He is aware that I frequently overthink things, so he will occasionally reprimand me for doing so. We support one another through both our accomplishments and misfortunes. He messages me whenever something positive occurs or he does something, and it makes me so happy. That is the ideal outcome of a friendship, in my opinion. I'm glad that I play a role in my best friend's accomplishments and that they turn to me when they want to talk about something happy, sad, amusing, or strange.

You can be weird

It's not as awkward as you would imagine to act strange around a guy. Being odd offers you the freedom to be oneself, based on the closeness of your bond. Having male friends is fantastic since most of them tend to forget things that you might have found quite embarrassing at the time. The things that made them laugh and the moments of the friendship are what guys typically recall. Therefore, even though you thought you did something extremely embarrassing that one time, they most likely didn't notice. In any kind of friendship, it's important to be yourself, even if it means being strange among others. Everybody must do something strange at some point in their lives, so why not do it with your friends? The nicest thing about any friendship is being and acting honestly like your quirky self; it makes the relationship more pleasurable and memorable.

Every time my best friend and I act silly around one another, I smile. I find it to be so soothing because I know I can always count on him to make me laugh or cheer me up whenever I'm feeling down or upset. Since we laugh at dumb jokes or memories because that's just who we are, it truly makes me happy inside. We both find humor in life, and we like being sarcastic with one another in order to get the other to change the subject. Because I'm such a strange person with a sarcastic sense of humor, and I'm pleased he gets it, I have nothing but love for my best buddy.




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