What are Supra Oracles? Will It Meet Expectations?

9 Feb 2024

About Supra Oracles

Supra Oracles provides decentralized oracle price feeds that can be used for on-chain and off-chain use cases such as spot and perpetual DEXs, lending protocols, and payment protocols. 

Supra's oracle chain and consensus algorithm make it the fastest oracle provider to reach finality with layer 1 security guarantees. The low-latency pull oracle has a sub-second response time.
In addition to speed and security, Supra's rotating node architecture collects data from more than 40 data sources and applies a powerful computational methodology to obtain the most accurate value. 
Supra Pull oracle provides low latency and public on-demand price feed updates required for special use cases such as perpetual DEXs. 

Decentralized Management

Flaws in existing Web3 oracle solutions resulted in the exploitation of over $730 million in funds. Decentralized management is fundamental to ensuring the Web3 data economy remains secure.


Rapid data distribution provides critical network security, reducing the opportunity for malicious actors to exploit delays in data availability. Supra offers on-chain refresh rates of 3-5 seconds with absolute precision.


The promise of Oracles is to connect the world of fragmented data availability. Supra seamlessly connects legacy and Web3 ecosystems to enable rapid data delivery.

Supra Oracles is a set of advanced tools and services that help developers create dApps on the blockchain. These tools include price feeds, random number generators, and other features important for creating safe, reliable, and trustworthy dApps. Essentially, Supra Oracles make it easier for developers to create blockchain-based applications that can be used in the real world.

One of the key advantages of Supra Oracles is the ability to provide a high level of security, scalability and data privacy. 

This is especially important for businesses and projects that require these features, such as those in the finance, supply chain, and Internet of Things industries. Additionally, Supra Oracle's services will benefit a wide range of businesses and organizations that rely on smart contract automation and cross-chain interoperability. This includes companies in the DeFi, gaming, and NFT sectors, as well as finance, supply chain, and IoT. Developers and researchers working on blockchain projects will also be able to benefit from Supra Oracles' services.

$SUPRA Tokenomics

The total supply of $SUPRA tokens is 10,000,000,000 (10B).
The percentage of total supply available across multiple public $SUPRA token sales and community distribution is estimated to be a minimum of 7% (700,000,000).
The remaining token allocation is as follows.

  • 21% (2.1B) for Block Rewards
  • 17.00% (1.7 billion).For the foundation
  • 16.00% (1.6B) for Founders, Team, Future Staff and Consultants
  • 5.18% (518M) for Pre-Seed Round
  • 5.37% (537M) for Seed Round
  • 2.25% (225M) for Strategic Round
  • 1.84% (184M) 3AC/FTX Refund Bridge Tour Part 1.
  • 1.10% (110M) 3AC/FTX Cashback Bridge Tour Part 2
  • 1.44% (144M) Private Round 1 (Alpha Test Network)
  • 0.88% (88M) Special 2nd Round (Liquid Staking)
  • 3% (300 million) Mass sales
  • 4% (400M) Project Explosion
  • 11% (1.1B) Ecosystem Fund
  • 2% (200M) Legal, Marketing, Management
  • 4.09% (409 million) OTC, Market Making, Listing Strategies
  • 3.85% (385 million) Foreign Exchange Liquidity

Network Integrations

Supra has partnered with leading applications, ecosystems, and industries worldwide to pioneer an oracle solution for the future of decentralized technology.

Community Channels

Official Site - https://supraoracles.com/
Telegram - https://t.me/SupraOracles
x - https://twitter.com/SupraOracles
Discord - https://discord.io/supraoracles
Linkedin - https:// www.linkedin.com/company/supraoracles/

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