Time-travel: neither past, nor future, nor present- Part 5

2 Aug 2022

Time-travel: neither past, nor future, nor present
Now suppose that you are chasing the rays of light from a fast speeding rocket, even then the ray of light will be moving away from you at a speed of one lakh, eighty six thousand, two hundred and eighty miles in a second. If you increase your speed to one lakh, eighty-six thousand miles per second, even then the ray will go away from you at this speed. Now imagine that a person standing on earth is watching this race and you ask him what he saw, then he will tell that he was seeing the distance between you and the light not increasing but decreasing.
Actually, in popular thinking, we consider time as a moving thing which has a past, a present and in the coming time there will also be a future. According to the principle of relativity, there is nothing like past, present or future in this universe. Everything is happening simultaneously. We are able to see and feel the same part according to our situation in which we are.

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Good idea to post this article here.
If light speed achievable then sure time travel can be possible but it's a theory so not confirm but amazing.
Till now, we aren't confirmed about time travel in past or future but we only assume it. But it will really spoils the timeline and things if it's possible. In course of time, even if it's possible. After if time travel is possible ,One who is thinking to stop such events will be also responsible for the one who does it. In film, mostly heroes ( present timeline who is using time travel) becomes villian (later after many time travel , he lost his mind control, does same thing what he was meant to stop) in time travel.