10 Most Powerful weapons in MCU, See details.

6 Jun 2022

Marvel is full of superhero and supervillain with their unique abilities and weapons. There are many special weapons in MCU. The most strongest are here:
1. The Nano Gauntlet : It is more adoptable version of limitless powers. We have seen it used by Hulk
2.The infinity Gauntlet : The Titan weapons with endless powers.
3.Ten Ring : It's supposed to consists of many powers including powerful blasts and each Ring serving different purpose as Stone.
4. Strombreakber : It is legendary battle axe for a Asgardian warrior king.
5.Necrosowrds : We seen it used by Hela and now by Gorr in Thor movies. 
6.Mjolnir : It's enchanted weapons for Worthy ones . We have seen it used by Thor and captain America. Many other lifted it but didn't uses it's all powers.
7.Chitauri Scepter : We have seen it used by Loki in first Avengers movies . It's a manipulative and powerful hand cannon.
8. Hellfire Chains : This chain is used by Ghost rider an immensely destructive weapons fueled by hell itself.
9.Hadron Enforcer :The one shot Moon killer created by Rocket Raccoon.
10.Thnaos sword : Melle weapons fit for a Titan .
There are other many weapons like yaka arrow ,Gungir black hole grenades and others.
Comment other if you think they are too powerful .

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