Reactions, Comments and Critics are very important

21 Feb 2023

More often than not we read articles written by various writers without any comment or reaction. That is not a good practice as it does not create room for self evaluation and development for the writer. When a writer writes depending on the type of essay, he or she tries to accomplish one of these:
• Narrate an event or an occurrence from his or her perspective or point of view to the readers.
• Expose the reader to the problems facing the society and their solutions, or expose them to certain ways of doing things.
• Describe a place, a person, an animal, a thing or an event to the reader.
• Tries to convince the readers bro accept his or her point of view by presenting facts to them.

To know if the written piece has served the purpose it was intended for depends on the comments, critics and reactions it gets from the reader. This will help the writer to know how he or she can develop himself or herself to serve the readers better. But most of the times, readers just read and don’t react, comment or even criticize.

Your reactions as a reader matters a lot and should not be overlooked. You are the judge so there is no need to keep mute and close the page without scribbling something in return or using the emojis and stickers to communicate your thoughts to the writer. This is a very important matter. Let there exist a two-way communication between the writers and the readers.

How do we feel when we pray to God and it seems as though He has not heard us? This is the exact feeling of writers when readers fail to do the needful. So let this culture be changed because as a reader, your comments, critics and reactions matters.

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