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16 Feb 2023

Many offices have a uniform system. Everyone has their own seating arrangements, working methods, reporting and communication methods and work culture. The scope and limits of everyone's rights are also fixed. Time to come to work, leave rules etc. are all fixed. After doing all these jobs, many people get so used to it that even after resting, many people keep the same routine as the 'routine' they have become accustomed to. How to behave in the office, what should be the code of conduct there is discussed in this chapter. The code of conduct for government and semi-government employees is laid down in the form of law. Under the 'Bombay Service Rules' it is decided how a government employee should behave. Many private companies also have a code of conduct. It may be in the form of a 'manual' in written form. This code of conduct is communicated and understood to the newly inducted employee during his training period or in the initial days itself. The employee is expected to behave accordingly. Of course, although rules, manual codes guide the behavior in the office, overall, a general outline of how to behave in the workplace, in public places, in the office will be understood from this chapter.
Manners in Office :

i) Office An office is an official-formal place. There we have to work with others. want to behave Then they should act, behave and work in an ethical manner. In our house we can dress as we like; But in the office one should behave according to the prevailing practices and cues. There is a uniform, where it is mandatory to wear the same dress; But in offices where there is no uniform, employees can wear their favorite clothes; But it will not work by wearing clothes. Your office attire should be decent. Flamboyant, dark, loud color schemes, graphic fashions should not be used in the office. If the use of 'tie' is mandatory or customary, 'tie' must be used. Many people do not know how to tie a tie. Then they should learn it. Many offices have a practice of visiting one day a week alternately. Then we should get used to it too. The color of the clothes should be soft, pleasant and beautify and reveal your personality. Keep in mind that clothes say a lot about your personality and taste without realizing it, so wear positive, good-looking clothes in the office. Keep in mind that crumpled, creased clothes, no matter how high-end, expensive they are, don't make an impact. Shoes, socks, belts should be used regularly. Boots, belts give scope to personality, improve confidence. Human influence is good. Women should also dress modestly, loosely, and use such clothes that will reveal their personality and have a positive effect. Make-up i.e. cosmetics should be used as much as necessary.

ii) There are many ways to address your colleagues in the office. In most places, calling and addressing by last name is the method, while in many companies, employees are called by their first name. Because of the American influence in today's IT era This method is becoming more popular. This is believed to create more closeness and intimacy. Often there is also a practice of addressing employees by their English initials, while if the relationship is close, a nickname is used by one's common address. The method is followed in the office. Agreed, it is better to address each other in the office in a way that no one has objections or disagreements about it. Often the person is referred to by her position or title. If addressed informally, she may also be called by a given 'nickname'.

While calling, addressing, the 'tone' of voice should be polite and courteous. In Hindi language, it is a way of expressing respect by adding the suffix 'ji' after the name. Even in Marathi, this method is quite rude. Such an address also makes the person feel good. Of course, how to address in the office is determined by many factors such as who is calling whom, how is their mutual relationship, what is the custom.

iii) Official work involves a lot of speaking. Moreover, nowadays everyone has a 'mobile'. Therefore, it is not necessary to go directly to that person and talk only then. While talking in the office, while talking on the phone, everyone should take care that others will not be disturbed or inconvenienced. Verbal communication should be as limited as possible. For that, before actually calling, before starting the conversation, you should adjust your thoughts and language in your mind. The order, priority, and wording of the points to be discussed should be decided beforehand with your mind and only then start the actual conversation. Avoid stuttering, coughing, clearing your throat while speaking. Do not make the volume louder than reasonable, as it may disturb the people around. Private chats, joking, gossiping on the office phone should be avoided. This is a very bad habit. It should be consciously avoided. Big Bhushan in private chat to many feel But office hours, devices, phones are more of your business

It's to get better and faster, not for individual work

Be aware. Nowadays there is a lot of flexibility in terms of language in terms of communication. That is, when speaking, a mixed language such as Marathi, Hindi, English is commonly spoken. Of course, in any language, it is a good quality to be able to speak cleanly, cleanly and well. Mixed language does not work particularly well in written work. Most of the offices operate in English language. So it is a good habit to be able to communicate and write in English.

iv) Keep your work place, seat, table clean in the office. Keep the atmosphere happy. Many people have the dirty habit of eating leaves, tobacco and spitting under the table or in waste paper, baskets, this must be avoided. Documents, files, phone, intercom, computer, other materials (paperweight, bell, penstand, floppy box, heels, pina, splint etc.) on the table should be kept properly. Other than office supplies should not be on the table. Many people also keep drinking water bottles and cans on the table. Then the spine can become damaged. The more neat and tidy the table is, the better you will feel. The 'visitor' who comes will also feel good. Many devout employees put photos of their favorite gods and goddesses on their desks and cupboards. It is true that a man should be a devotee; But it doesn't seem right to show your devotion and faith in the office. Be aware that faith, religion is a completely personal matter, similarly it is not appropriate to put up other posters etc. which are not even remotely related to your work. There is no problem in decorating the environment which will be motivating, stimulating and conducive to work. The table should not have tea cup stains, dirt, dust. This is the job of a cleaner. This is also true; But when the table is yours, its cleanliness is in your own interest, so you don't mind keeping small rags and napkins to wipe the table.

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