Exhale slowly

17 Mar 2023

Fear, concern, and encroaching gloom.
These are some of the phrases that I could use to describe my anxiety, but nothing I can say could capture it completely as I sob silently, convinced that I have lost my mind.

Counselors and doctors have told me I have a problem.
My parents urging me to quit acting so crazy and to calm down.
But how can I relax when everything around me is spinning wildly and my vision is so poor?

Breathe. You'll overcome this.

You will survive the restless nights, all of your internal conflicts, and the days when everything seems to be going your way.

Breathe. You'll overcome this.

You may believe that I overreact to even the most trivial of situations, but to me, they represent the end of the world.
Can't you see that to me a dropped glass of milk looks like an earthquake?

I realize it could be difficult for you to comprehend my nervousness, but I hope today's explanation has helped.

Thus, don't tell them they're overreacting or refer to them as crazy the next time you see someone terrified, crying, shaking, and unable to see.
Helping them understand there is more to life than this suffering will ensure they are who they are intended to be, despite any internal doubts.

Breathe. I'll manage to finish this.

Because I am aware that my anxiety is not the entirety of who I am, and because I aim to be anxiety-free one day.
But until then, I'll keep silently assuring myself that I can overcome this. I can overcome my anxiety.

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