Things Unsaid

12 Feb 2023

I regret the times when I took pride and anger for granted and lived in those moments.
What if I had expressed my feelings to you?
Would it alter the course of my life?

I was terrified of falling completely in love because it is never simple to mend a broken heart.
I used to be languishing in that hell, and I no longer want to be there.

Why, then, is my heart sobbing in agony?
Why do I feel that my life is becoming so monotonous?
Should I have confessed my love to you?
Should I have proven it to you in person?

There are some things that are better kept silent, and emotions should be held till they pass.
No, put an end to all the cowardice and negativity. The real bravery comes from speaking your truth.

If you don't love me back, so what?
There won't be any what-ifs in my thoughts, at least.
But by the time I understand this, you've already left and will never be mine.

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