What are the hidden rules of society that you must know when you grow up?

12 Sept 2023

1. In fact, the first time the person you like meets you, his attitude towards you will tell everything. Not replying or responding to you is the best response. After all, you can't hide if you like someone.

If you send a message to someone and it always takes a long time for the other party to reply to you, that means they don’t like it. In this era where mobile phones are always in hand, no one is so busy that they can’t see you. If you don’t reply, you have recovered.

So, don’t deceive yourself that the other person is really busy. When you meet for the first time, your words and deeds will actually be silently divided in the other person’s heart. She will think about whether she can stay with you in the future. Sometimes it has nothing to do with looks, emotional intelligence, and conversation. Behavior will be taken into account.
Believe this, it deserves a thumbs up from you.

2. When borrowing small money from friends, you should be prepared to either not borrow it or not expect the other party to pay it back to you. The fact that he can take the initiative to repay you and still think about it shows that such a friend can be trusted. But many of them are just loaned out, so don’t ask the other party to pay them back. To repay the money, the borrower needs to take the initiative. If you wait to ask for it, you will definitely not get the money back.

But you must remember that no matter how good your friend asks you to borrow money, you must have a bottom line, that is, even if the other party does not repay the money, it will not affect your life. I have really seen many people loan money to others because their friends borrowed money. Remember, if you encounter this, don't do it. If you don't really treat you as a good friend, I won't come to you.

3. Don’t go to a friend’s house empty-handed, especially when the friend’s parents are there. It doesn’t cost much to bring some fruit or buy a carton of milk. If you go to a friend’s house empty-handed, even if your family doesn’t talk about it, they will think you don’t understand afterwards. Of course there are "rules", but try to bring them with you as much as possible. It doesn't cost much and it will leave a good impression on you.

4. If the circles are different, there is no need to force integration.

If you find that you can’t fit into a certain circle no matter what, it means that this circle is really compatible with you. These people are naturally incompatible with you, so there is no need to stay with them. If you have many friends, you just have to have them. At this stage, maybe after a while, everyone will get separated from each other.

5. If possible, don’t show off your excellence, your assets, and your happiness in your circle of friends. Many people hope you live well, but they don’t want you to live better than them. Excessive exposure to the sun can easily attract hatred and cause trouble for oneself. If this is the case, not exposing yourself will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Moreover, if you live a good life, don’t take it away. On the contrary, if you expose yourself to too much exposure, it will easily “evaporate”. , causing yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble is tantamount to asking for trouble.

6. Don’t tell anyone what you decide to do first, as long as you can accept the worst result, even if it doesn’t happen.

But tell the world from the beginning that it’s okay if you do it, but it will be embarrassing if you don’t do it, and there will be a lot of opposition in the process of doing it. Even if you have a chance to do it, you will still be questioned because of constant doubts. And thus give up.
So, just do what you decide to do instead of telling others what you want to do from the beginning, which will make it difficult for you to achieve anything.

7. Don’t talk about feelings in front of interests, and don’t talk about interests in front of feelings. Emotions that are exchanged for benefits will eventually be lost because of benefits. For example, if you exchange money for relationships, then if you meet someone with more money, your feelings will not be worth mentioning.

In a relationship, don't care too much about benefits, and don't care about who pays more or less. Instead, you choose this one from the beginning when you know that you can stay together for a lifetime and it is worth paying for.

8. Don’t reveal your inner thoughts easily at any time, and don’t let others know what you are thinking, otherwise it will be easy to be manipulated.

For example, when sending a message to someone else, send it in long paragraphs and bombard the other party with long voice messages. If you do this, the other party will only think that you are low and that you have low emotional intelligence. Other than that, there is no benefit.

9. Don’t easily show your vulnerability in front of others, and don’t tell others about your unbearable past events. Remember, the more others know about you, the easier it will be to hurt you. Because it will change and fade away, and if one day your direction breaks down, those things about you will also become a reason for others to attack you. If the water is clear, there will be no fish. Those who are too easy to see through will always be hurt first.

10. Don’t show your heart and soul every time. Sometimes you are too enthusiastic, and enthusiasm will become a kind of pressure. It feels good to you, but it will be a disaster for others.

One thing that is particularly heartbreaking is that the things you think are good are actually what you think. If you are really good, you will definitely find your good qualities later. But in fact, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. If you don’t have it, you should reflect on it.

So, when there is no other person worth paying for, please put away your enthusiasm, otherwise you will be the one who gets hurt in the end.

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Interesting thoughts, I can agree with most of the points
The way someone responds to your messages or approaches can indeed reveal their level of interest. However, it's essential to keep in mind that people may have various reasons for delayed responses, and it's not always a straightforward indicator of their feelings.
Navigating the unspoken rules of society is like mastering a secret code as we grow up. These hidden norms govern our interactions, shaping our social fabric. Learning them fosters smoother relationships and opens doors to new opportunities. It's a lifelong journey of adaptation and empathy, a testament to our ability to evolve in a complex world. Here's to the wisdom gained along the way!
Far from the usual post on Bulbapp
Understanding the hidden rules of society is crucial as we navigate our way through life. These unspoken norms and expectations help us fit into our communities and establish meaningful connections. Respect for Others: Treating people with kindness and respect, regardless of their background or beliefs, is fundamental. This includes using manners, being considerate of personal space, and listening actively. Communication: Learning effective communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, is essential. Knowing when to speak, when to listen, and how to convey your thoughts clearly can make a significant difference in your interactions. Personal Responsibility: Taking ownership of your actions and decisions is a key part of adulthood. This involves being punctual, meeting commitments, and being financially responsible.
You have to read social cues in any relationship you are trying to build such that it doesn't come across as you forcing it.
Don't force relationship that's what number 4 hammers on
Blog BIT
Lending money to friends can strain relationships if not handled properly. It's wise to lend only what you can afford to lose and have clear expectations about repayment. Trustworthy friends will return borrowed money without you needing to ask, but it's important not to strain friendships over finances.