Things must to know in Teaparty space:

23 Jul 2022

Well, if you haven't heard of Teaparty or joined yet, you can refer to my previous article about it:  Teaparty Beta and how to Earn TEA
In short, Teaparty space is social content boost platfroms with their own soulbounded token called TEA. You can either boost your content or you can one of the users who is willing to boost others content. On socialing tasks like retweet ,like ,follow are rewarded.

There are many confusion among the users themselves in Teaparty . Let me clarify for you.

About Teaparty : 
1) Each post or content are of limited pool. So, you must be fast enough to interact with post to get rewarded.
2) You must claim your rewards before expiration date.
3) Since it is in Beta, some error can occurs during some operations.

Spaces Vs Trending Vs Explore
1) The posts from the spaces you joined will only be displayed in Your Space sections.

2) In Trending section also, there might be some posts with rewards.
3) In explore , all posts are avaialbe there.

                                    Best solution for new posts and rewards
1) Join their discord : Discord linke here 

2) Now go to #notifications channels and suscribe for new-rewards , now you will get notifications whenever new posts with rewards came.

About TEAPARTY marketplace
Well ,when it comes to get USDC after selling your rewarded TEA , you need to know these things.

                      #1) You must do everything by editing gas fee to high. 
                      #2) The network is always polygon.
                      #3) Only TEA and USDC works here .

Other things are : 

1) The value of TEA will always be $1.
2) If you placed order to sell your TEA , the order can be cancelled by you or the order will be in places always till you get USDC.
3) Currently marketplace is P2P not DEX,
5) In coming days, users with lens handle will get more party spaces. As people in lens also tries to boost their contents.
6)You cann't places two order at a time for sell. Until your first order get success , then only you can sell your next tea.

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Is the tea token listed?
nice bro keep going ..
gotta know some new projects
Nice tips, going to join TeaParty right away
This is goin to be huge project
Is there any benefits for the lens handle users. Because I am thinking to get it. Will it be beneficial for the users
u are from eba group right ?
As I can see in the post u have listed around 28 tea tokens on 15 of July. Did it get sold?
Waiting long for my tokens to get sold
As we all know the value of 1 tea token is 1$ but i have listed around 20 tea tokens in the marketplace of ots own But still it didn't get sold