The Letter to My Love

13 Mar 2023

I hope these words reach you

just as you’ve touched me

May it make your heart shine

Just as you have made My smile bright

That since the day I met you

My days have been perfect

And My nights beautiful with your presence

With your milky skin

Causing memories pictured forever

Though far away your words always brings us nearer

That in choosing you alone

I gained a soulmate forever

That my days I day-dream of making a family with you

And at night My fantasy becomes a reality

Indeed I cannot wait any longer

For I cherish you and your beauty

To hold you in My hands and offer kisses to your lips

Your very essence a blessing to My soul

And making My love to forever dwell with you

Praying and asking that we forever dwell

That our love is anew with each passing day

And then treasure is unfold

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