Lucid dreams(2)

11 Dec 2022

How to know if your dream is lucid
Most people are unaware that they are dreaming during non-lucid dreams. A common feature of these dreams is that they appear real even when strange things occur within them. Only after people wake up do they realize it was all a dream.
However, in a lucid dream, there is an awareness that what is happening is not real and is taking place within a dream. This frequently allows the dreamer to exert some control over what is happening.

How can you tell if you've had a lucid dream? Here are some indicators that you may have had this experience in the past:

  • You were conscious that you were sleeping and dreaming.
  • Your dream was extremely vivid.
  • You had some level of control over the events or scenery in your dream.
  • Your feelings were very strong.

Uses of Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming appeals to those who want to explore their inner dream world with greater awareness because it is such a vivid experience. People are drawn to the concept of lucid dreaming because, according to some researchers, it is "the ultimate form of immersive experience."
Some of the potential advantages are listed below.

Enhanced Creativity
Because lucid dreaming allows the dreamer to invent or create anything within the dream, it could be a fun way to experiment creatively and safely within the boundaries of a dream.
Because the dreamer has some control over the characters, scenery, and events of the dream, it may be a way for a person to experience and explore things that they would not be able to do in real life.

Fewer Nightmares
Some researchers believe that lucid dreaming may have therapeutic benefits, particularly in the treatment of nightmares. Bad dreams can disrupt sleep and contribute to a reduction in the quantity and quality of sleep. Lucid dreaming may allow people to take control of their dreams, either preventing nightmares or redirecting the dream's events toward something more pleasant or relaxing.


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