Is Filecoin worth the investment?

12 Feb 2023

Filecoin has solved the problem of value storage for the entire blockchain and expanded the capabilities of the blockchain. This enables the blockchain to increase the processing storage capacity on the basis of data confirmation, security, transparency, and non-tamperability, and greatly reduces the threshold for blockchain.

As we all know, the basic logic of investment is to invest in the future. From simple payment systems to complex financial derivatives, from single applications to complex business ecology, the same is true for the investment logic of blockchain projects. Moreover, as the underlying protocol of Filecoin, IPFS has a greater vision, supplementing or even replacing the Http protocol, and being the underlying layer of the entire Internet.

Second, you need to see what market pain points Filecoin can solve?

The storage market has a broad prospect, but centralized storage also has very big pain points: servers are easily attacked and maintenance costs are high; broadband resources are expensive, centralized access is easy to block; privacy security is not protected, user information is abused, and so on.

Third, look at the implementation of the Filecoin project.

Filecoin distributed storage provides a new solution for the existing storage industry from the underlying architecture, and can play a role in improving data storage security, protecting user privacy, efficient transmission and confirming rights.

Finally, look at the strength of the Filecoin team.

Blockchain is essentially to ensure the safety and transparency of data, non-tampering, confirmation of rights, etc., but due to the limitation of block size, it cannot carry huge commercial data, and Filecoin is undoubtedly a big help to promote the commercial implementation of the blockchain industry .

Therefore, in addition to the traditional cloud storage market in the future, many blockchain ecological applications may be migrated to the Filecoin storage network.

Filecoin was founded in the Protocol Labs , with a core team of nearly 100 people from Stanford University, MIT, Harvard and other world-famous technology companies such as Google, IBM and Oracle.

In addition, IPFS is an open source protocol, and Filecoin is a blockchain project. Through Filecoin's economic incentive model, more miners, developers and investors will be attracted to participate in Filecoin's ecological construction.

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