Glow (2)

5 Nov 2022

I lay in bed, struggling not to get up, wishing that I could have more sleep. I groaned and rolled on the bed. Yes! Here I was, squinting in the bright lights of the room at a perfect-looking man with a touch of Brad Pitt. Now with my eyes fully opened, I saw a stranger sitting across me. I was stunned, my eyes opened wider and were instantly followed by an increased heartbeat. Panic seized me, I was unable to stand up or run away since I was not properly dressed under the sheets. So I quickly sat up, reclining on the headboard slat of the bed. This mystery guy was pretending not to notice my presence or actions but I was right in front of him. He was so immersed in a book. With a glass of wine and some bottled drink right in front of him. I decided to throw him off it and find out what the actual fuck was going on here. My headache almost killing me. My life couldn't get any worst.

"Are you going to sit there pretending not to see me?" I was flabbergasted.

He sipped the wine that was right in front of him "Oops! Sorry!" He smiled at me and began speaking to himself. "Where are your manners bro?"

I couldn't help it anymore. Is this actually happening? Was I kidnapped? Who is this guy? He can't get away - those words wandered into my mind.

"Hey, enough of this act. I'm calling the police"

"For what?" He sounded surprised

"For kidnapping obviously"

"How will you do that?" He quickly waved a phone in his hands at me. "This is yours, right? Should I help you do the calling?"

"How are you with that?" I realized that was a dumped question to ask. Clearly, he kidnapped me, raped me, and took my phone. What does he want? Did he go through my stuff? I know right? This is driving me insane, not just you. These thoughts are flowing through my mind but I need to do something. I tried to be scary.

"How dare go through my phone?" I said in a tone I thought was scary enough but he didn't move an inch. Neither did that scare him. So yeah, mission failed! I was fucked, I couldn't leave the bed, and was stuck cause I was embarrassed about the clothes on me. There's nothing more I could do. I was totally helpless.

"Is that all you care about, you ungrateful lady?"

"Ungrateful? So I should be grateful for it? That you did bad things to me or that I'm stuck with a pervert like you?" I said in a loud angered tone.

He pointed at the bottled drink, "Take this for your headache. I'll be back when you come back to your senses." He lost his smile, stood up, turned away, and left.

He walked out angry. But how is that my fault? He shouldn't feel bad. He's worst than I described. He was acting all tough when he couldn't swallow even that. I thought of this as I drank, carrying a sad long face, filled with disappointment. He couldn't have poisoned me. But what was I disappointed about? That I don't know.

Suddenly Dave flashed through my mind and all the memories of last night were right before me. It was so vivid. I could see everything. This mystery guy was right. I'm in the wrong, now I feel more embarrassed. I couldn't believe I threw up on him. I messed up my outfit and his. That's why I'm in his shirt and just my undies. How cool of him to take me to his home. He's such a sweet person.

My heart fluttered and I felt like this was fate. But realization sets in and the existence of my stupidity creeps in on me. I shouldn't be speculating about that. I must quickly find him to apologize before he humiliates me. I stood up from the bed, grabbing whatever I saw in the wardrobe. Wore it. And ran outside, shouting. No, calling out for him "Hey mystery guy, I am sorry. Come back."


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