Science of Love : Part-1

21 Sept 2022

Some chemicals present in your mind and body are responsible for feelings of love, not your heart.

'Nothing else happens in love,
Man lives like a bawra'

Gulzar has talked about work in this poetry. Love is less a matter of the heart and more a matter of the mind, but this does not suit the market with heart shaped balloons, red roses and soft toys, so the world wants your emotions to get air and the 'business' of love continues. However, today we will tell you sequentially why your bus does not work in love.

Actually you are not forced by the hands of the heart, but by the hands of the mind. By the way Mirza Ghalib had told centuries ago,

called love
There is a disturbance of the mind.

Today you will easily understand this mental disturbance of love. You can also call it the science of love.

Let us tell you that some chemicals present in your mind and body are responsible for the feelings of love, not your heart. That is, if certain types of hormones are entered in your body, then you will start feeling that you are in love. Scientists believe that feelings of romance and love affect someone in three stages-

The first step is to get someone instant i.e. Instant: During this the brain starts releasing hormones named Testosterone and Estrogen rapidly. You can also call it lust.

The second phase is attraction: During this the brain releases hormones named Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin. Dopamine is responsible for your emotions. This gives you the pleasure of winning a prize. Whereas norepinephrine fills you up with energy. It starts showing dreams of the future and sometimes your hunger, thirst and sleep also disappear from it. On the other hand, serotonin makes your mood good. The initial phase of love is charged with these hormones.

The third stage of romance is attachment with someone. Two chemicals are mainly responsible for this. The first is Oxytocin and the second is Vasopressin. However, to reach this stage, it is necessary to get out of the initial phase safely. Oxytocin brings stagnation and maturity in love.

This Oxytocin is also responsible for maintaining love, friendship and good relationship with the society of parents towards their children. The feeling of coolness to the heart on hugging is the result of this hormone. That is, the formula of love can be prepared in any lab and you can feel happy by adopting this formula.

When there is love, the bells ring in the heart or the voice is all a matter of the mind. The left side of the brain ie the left side is responsible for our emotions. In the language of science, it is called the limbic system. On seeing someone, a cocktail of chemicals starts forming in this part of the brain. Happy hormones start releasing and the world starts feeling better.

Love also gives you stress. Cortisol hormone is released in the brains of people getting married due to relationship problems. It is also called stress hormone. You can blame this hormone behind feeling sick in love.


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