Blockchain Trilemma Explained.

9 Jul 2022

As words Trilemma means there are three pillars who correlates each others, and if we try to mangage any two with good efficeincy and another one will just need to compromised. In blockchain we also have trilemma and they are : 
1) Decentralized 
2) Scalable
3) Secure
This idea was first coined by ETH founder Vitalik Buterin.

For now , I assume most of us are known about these three topic independently. In short decentralized means the system isn't under control of any central authority and no one can change your data privately. Scalable means with more adoption , it needs to handle more transaction at less times or you can simply you can say, with advancement in time , Blockchain gas fee should be less with greater speed. Secure means the system should be invulnerable to any possible cyber attack. With this things in mind, all three pillars to handled is somehow difficult.

Example :
1) Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralised and more secure , with this they are more scalable. 
2) Solana is decenralised and scalable but not secure as network get congested and attacks several times.

Although, it doesn't mean that if anyone of pillar gets weaker means they aren't complete and bad projects. it simply means there are some minor compromises in this. 
In near future , I will for sure write more blogs with solution of this trilemma again there are not perfect and 100% accuracy methods, but it will be solved by major percantage then it used to be earlier.

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