The world

9 Feb 2023

It's been a rough ride and week
Especially for those in turkey and Syria.
I haven't really rested my mind since seeing such flurry pictures, it really broke my heart's apart. I was scared for those who couldn't make it. I concluded that every country is faced with its own problem.
Ours is man made causes by greed and jealousy and lack of power..

Corruption has eaten so deep into our leaders that they no longer have human empathy for other people. Well, I Thank God for always keeping my head up and focused. Back to Syria and Turkey my heart is out for you guys. I pray eternal rest to those who lost their lives. We look forward to a better World, where natural disasters and human disaster won't play or have a space to kill us in numbers . We only have ourselves to care for and protect , it won't be easy but we have to just try!

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