How to spot a good crypto project to work for pt.2

3 Jul 2022

Stay on track by following the previous article where I stated some easy tips to spot a good project to work for.

  • Project Partnerships: One thing common in the crypto space today is the partnerships between projects to help achieve the desired goal. A crypto project is as much as legit as its partners because no legit project would collabo with a scam project. So always lookout for the previous partnerships between the project and other projects in the crypto space.
  • The website of the project: Well, in as much as a project can decide to make its website aesthetically pleasing, a good website UI contributes to the legitness of the project. Most real projects put in so much to ensure they give their users a wonderful User Experience when interacting on their Dapp. So, always look out for the website of a project.

I will be covering more tips in my next article, stay tuned 

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1 Comment

Truly one can always tell how legit a project is just by looking out for people they have partnered with. If a project partners with other legit projects in the crypto space, then it has a high chance of being a legit project as well