Is there a trick to earn more Bulb points?

6 Jul 2022

As a newbie on Bulb some months back, things were much easier then, you could just purchase energy and make a post, there were no restrictions to the number of posts per day, and earning Bulb points was easier.

Then the present rules governing the Bulb platform were made, where users could only use the allocated energy given to them in a day without being able to refill it etc.

I had thought to myself, how can I be amongst the top Bulb point earners weekly, so below are just a few things you might want to consider.

  • Avoid plagiarism: Plagiarism is strongly unacceptable on the Bulb platform and if you are caught you stand to lose your Bulb points and also your energy would be slashed. Slashed energy especially for users in levels 1-4 will mean that you won't be able to create an article within 24 hours. And that will directly affect the points generated on the Bulb platform.
  • Avoid spamming: Spamming has the same weight as being reported for plagiarism, you stand to lose your points and energy.
  • Create quality content: Creating high-quality content will put you in a position to earn more bulb points, this could contribute to your post being shown on the recommended tab, which can drive more engagements to your posts.
  • Time of Posting: Did you know that the time of posting an article can also affect the engagement of the article? It has been tested by Me several times, and it really works. DYOR on the best time to post and ensure to stick to it. Tips: It is best to post a few mins after the energy renews.
  • Stay active: By staying active I mean, always try to finish up your allocated energy per day, since spending energy directly affects your point earned. Remember to use your energy wisely

If you have any extra thing you might wanna share, do ell to leave a comment. Thank you

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