The choice is always ours

2 Mar 2023

Some youths of out today’s society
they live a questionable way of life
they don’t think of nation building
greed captured; they wreak havoc
without love for their fellow youths!

Luck do run out many a time,
caught in the act; sentenced to death!
Worst still long terms of despair
what will their remedy?
In the dark, dark tunnels of death?

Can we really stop this?
Will the good ones bail us out?
Or will they remain wheelchair critic?
Who will bail us out?
This bondage is an endless prison term.

How can we build our nation today?
We live below our expectations.
How can we build our nation today?
Greed is our overriding inspiration
And love is lacking in us!

The change can come, if only we change!
We can sing a new song, if only we try!
We can be the masters, if only we work!
We can rule, if only we take the responsibilities!
The choice is ours always!

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