The Oh So Brown Cow

16 Feb 2023

There once was a cow, so brown, Who loved to wear a big crown.
She'd strut and she'd prance, And never once, did she glance, Away from her regal renown.
This cow, she loved to dress up and play, And her crown, she'd wear every day.

She'd moo and she'd strut, And show off, her big strut, And never once, did she let it sway.
But one day, as she grazed in the field, She saw a sheep, who refused to yield.
He didn't care for her crown, And just kept grazing, up and down, And never once, did he raise his shield.

The cow, she felt a bit dismayed, But then she realized, she'd been played.
She didn't need a crown, To wear and to frown, And happiness, she could always raid.
So if you're ever feeling small, my friend, Just remember the cow, and how she'd tend.
To be true to herself, And find her own wealth, And be happy, until the very end!

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