FREE AIRDROP! Gomble Games Season 2: How to Earn Crypto NO INVESTMENT

12 Feb 2024

Following the success of season 1, Gomble Game launches the season 2 airdrop program and promises many attractive rewards.

What is Gomble Game?

Gomble Games is a Web3 game studio specializing in developing casual games on mobile devices (iOS and Android) in Korea. The project aims to popularize Web3 games, allowing players in the Web2 world to easily access the potential and attractive Web3 market.

The development platform follows a game-as-a-service (GaaS) model, allowing many NFT and GameFi projects to join RumbyStars. Gomble Games received investment capital from many large funds such as Binance Labs, Animoca, Aptos Venture, Spartan...

In December 2023, the project launches the airdrop program "Heat The Ballon!" season 1 and received positive feedback from investors. On February 1, Gomble Games continued to deploy airdrop season 2 for those who participated in Gomble airdrop season 1 with a unique money transfer structure to friends.

Instructions for hunting airdrops for Gomble Game season 2 project

Step 1: Go to -> select "Get Started".

Step 2: Connect your Google or Apple account -> "Continue".

Step 3: Enter the referral code in the box "Enter the code" -> "Enter".

Gomble Referral Code: H2FPnS or j9Ukj3

Note: Participants can get the code from the email sent by Gomble Game (if participating in airdrop season 1) or referral code from friends (limited).

Step 4: Perform all tasks:

Select "Daily Check in for Ep.01" -> "Check" -> "Heat the balloon".

Select "Agree to receive promotional emails" -> "Heat the balloon".

Select "Connect your Twitter" to connect investor's Twitter -> "Authorize app".

Select "Get Bonus from Referral quests".
Select "Like GOMBLE's Twit #1".
Select "Retweet GOMBLE's Twit #1".
Select "Follow GOMBLE Twitter" -> "Authorize app".

Select "Join GOMBLE Discord" to join Gomble's Discord -> "Authorize" -> "Join Discord" -> "Accept Invite".

Select "Achieve Gold role in GOMBLE Discord" -> "Authorize" -> achieve Gold role in Gomble's Discord to complete the mission.

  • Select "Achieve Platinum role in GOMBLE Discord" -> "Authorize" -> achieve Platinum role in Gomble's Discord to complete the mission.
  • Select "Achieve Diamond role in GOMBLE Discord" -> "Authorize" -> achieve Diamond role in Gomble's Discord to complete the mission.

Gomble Referral Code: H2FPnS or j9Ukj3


Above are instructions for participating in airdrop hunting season 2 from Gomble Game. Hope everyone succeeds and receives the project tokens soon.

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