pleasure derived

10 Mar 2023

The pleasure derived from the association of the senses with objects, which at first seems like nectar, but in the end is like poison, is called rajasic pleasure. Purport: When a young man meets a young woman, his senses urge him to look at her, touch her and have intercourse with her. Initially it feels very soothing to all the senses; But eventually or after some time all these become like poison, because they separate or divorce from each other and these things lead to grief, sorrow, etc. Such happiness is always rajasic. Pleasures derived from the combination of senses and sense objects always lead to suffering, so such pleasures must be avoided at all costs.
And that happiness which does not pay attention to the realization of form, which is infatuated from beginning to end, and which arises from sleep, laziness and delirium, is called tamasic happiness.

Meaning: A person who finds happiness only in idleness and sleep is definitely Tamoguni. Also one who has no idea of ​​action and non-action is also Tamoguni. Everything is a charm for a man of tamoguni. A man of Rajoguni experiences temporary happiness at the beginning and sorrow at the end, but a man of Tamoguni experiences only suffering at the beginning and at the end.

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