The fight

19 Jan 2023

The devil made an effort to seize me.
He attempted to win the war, as you can see, but I have God on my side, therefore it is impossible.
He stood by me even when I told lies.
All my life, I felt terrified and abandoned.
I wanted someone to see behind my laughter and smiles, despite the fact that I was trying to hide everything from them.
I wanted someone to be aware of my terrible struggles, someone to care, but I couldn't find anyone because I didn't dare.
Before Christ came along and showed me I was definitely someone, there were individuals in my life who made me feel unimportant and like I was nothing.

There was someone who gave me compassion, a kind of love stronger than your mother's, and I've had ideas of things you couldn't even begin to fathom.
Through all of my tears, he was at my side.
Throughout all of these years, he was there for me.
It could occasionally appear as though He has vanished into thin air.
Because I know He is with you, I know this isn't true.
I've previously felt His presence.

He made clear to me what I needed to see and what I needed to see.
He made me realize that there are individuals out there that I can trust and who genuinely care.
So starting today, I won't exclude anyone.
I have no doubt that I'll be content.
And with Christ on my side, I shall triumph in this battle.
Additionally, I won't have to conceal any more tears.

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