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7 Jul 2022

Greetings!! Hope you're all doing fine today. I'm going to be pointing out something in regards to the power of a team. Let's use the game of chess as a case study.

The chess game is made for two players consisting of sixteen pieces for each player making it a total of thirty-two. These pieces are further grouped into six types. Each player has a King, a Queen, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks or Castle and 8 Pawns.

The King is considered as the most important piece of the game as the goal of the game is to make sure your King is safe from checkmate. Whilst protecting your King, your goal is to checkmate the King of the opposite team. The King moves one square in any direction as long as it's path is not being blocked and can also make a special move called castling.

The Queen is considered the most powerful piece in the game. This is because she's allowed to move in any direction on the chess board be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally as long as her path is not being blocked by another piece.

The Bishop is allowed to move only diagonally as long as it's path isn't being blocked by another piece.

The Rooks can move vertically and horizontally given their paths are not being blocked by another piece. It also partakes in the special move castling alongside the King.

The Knight moves in an L - shape and is allowed to jump over pieces even if they block his path.

The Pawn is considered the weakest in the game of chess. It's allowed the option of moving two squares forward on the first move and only one in subsequent moves and capture diagonally in opposition to how they move. They can't move backwards unlike other pieces on the board. They can also make a special move called the en passant.

Most people are quick to write off the pawn as not having any important use but let's not forget that despite it being the smallest and considered the weakest piece, the pawn in itself is powerful if you use it wisely.

If a pawn is successful in crossing over to the opponent's side of the board, they have the option of being transformed into any piece of their choice be it the Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook with exception to the King.

In a chess game, the pawns numbering eight are lined up in front as the first line of defense in protecting the King. They're underestimated because they're small but their job is also just as important as any other piece. Other pieces cannot do it on their own. Yes, they might be considered as being superior to the pawns, but it's team work that leads to the success of the team. The combined efforts of all the pieces on the chess board.

Similarly, in an organization, a company or any group in particular that has an hierarchy, everybody is just as important. The people at the bottom of the hierarchy are considered unimportant or should I say are underestimated. Is it the cleaner that makes sure the place is always best and tidy? Or the receptionist who is the first bus stop for people coming in? Or the security man in his post?

You find that there are people who feel because they're the managers, CEOs, or the bosses of the organization that they're better than the others and their job is far more important than the other. The truth, it's team work that ensures the success of the team. The combined efforts of all the workers is what brings glory. If you feel you're too important try to do the job of the other person for a day or even a week. We don't appreciate these people enough.

So, thank that person today that you feel their job is unimportant but their presence is also one thing that contributes to the success of the team. We might be the Queens, Kings, Bishops, Knights and Rooks of the team but let's not fail to appreciate the Pawns that are the first line of defense for the team.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Will be interested in having your feedback. Thank you❤️


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