Social media and Privacy

23 Aug 2022

Internet privacy over the years has deteriorated to the lowest degree.
Data storage, repurposing, third party data collection, and the forceful collection of user data from the government has made the Internet a very uncomfortable place to be.
I mean, how can you be comfortable when you’re not safe, criminals could easily harm users by users of these data.
It all boils down to the method of operation of the Bigtech platform, the technology and the selfish attitudes desiplayed by these bigtech platforms.
Getting to join their platform, you’ll need to provide all your personal information, before you can penetrate. When you provide these information, both the third party and the government do have access to your informations, it can be exfiltrated, leaked or be mishandle in any other form. Now they promise you data protection that will never happen.
Solcial built on Web3 has seen and experienced these issue, that is why they found it fit and appropriate to buidl a social network on Web3 technology that will respect our personal privacy.
During signup, no personal information will be needed,all you’ll need to provide will be your email address and wallet address, no one will of your address,date of birth, hobby(web2 ask of these basically to use it and know what ads to forcefully place on your feeds)and so all your personal informations will be secured.
Coupled with that, informations will be stored on IPFS, making it impossible for anyone to access your informations, just you and you alone.
I know everyone loves privacy, let’s own our data!

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