Virtual Humans in the Metaverse

21 Jul 2022

A stream of consciousness dump here…

There’s no way I look anything like my virtual self. When I’m “him” I can sing & it’s obvious I won’t ever age. I can change skin tone on-demand, but I prefer to walk in the Metaverse in human-like form (while mingling with cat/horse face avatars, easily.)

Some of my fears – what happens if one of the Metaverses doesn’t acknowledge my Virtual self? What if they “De-rezz” me into a blocky mess if I enter a #cryptoverse- I had a bad dream the other night, seeing playboy bunnies¹ in one of them cryptoverses with minecrafty err..bits ‘n bobs. Not a nice dream, that. I’ve read Mojang banned NFTs². They must have had the same blocky-bunny nightmare.

What about identity theft? What if someone steals my identity and the next thing I know I’m seen in the “wrong metaverse” doing unmentionable things. Oh, I know I won’t be seen in the Appleverse…they won’t recognize outsider avatars and virtual beings. I’m safe that way.
What about the XRMetaverse? you know…the world scale Augmented Metaverses that SnapChat or Niantic or TikTok will give birth to.

Maybe even Google with it’s GeoSpatial OS? When I’m walking IRL (in real life) with my digital skin and virtual 6 pack overlayed on my meat-bag body… I fear those Apple-verse fan-boys will see hints of a beer belly and gray hair ’cause most of the Open Metaverse will not be compatible with Apple eye-wear – heck weren’t they the only ones who didn’t join the Metaverse Standards Alliance.³

What accessories will I wear- RTFKT NFT sneakers? Sounds good – but what if I enter a Metaverse running on the Algorand chain or the Solana chain… will my expensive NFT sneakers follow through? Oh I hope they will!

(view video on Youtube)

Ditto for my music. Yes as my virtual self – I’m confident I can sing better than Seal (how I envy him, IRL) but if I release my NFTmusic do I mint it on the Ethereum blockchain?

If someone else buys it and is listening to my NFTsingle can they seamlessly traverse metaverses on different blockchains without interrupting the experience?

You know how we just 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘦𝘵𝘰𝘰𝘵𝘩 our playlist from headphones to car audio system as we start the engine…

would a multichain NFT wallet perhaps smoothly fade out the song and fade it back in as my virtual avatar enters another metaverse? Hmmm… there’s a thought.

I’ll go now…this meat bag needs to rest. I’ll let my virtual human self take over, powered by Google Lambda (I’d fed it a huge dataset of my life thoughts)
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The world is moving really fast i must say. Virtual Humans in the Metaverse sure has it advantages and disavantages.